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My father and I went through 2 different real estate agents before we came across Suzie. What first captured our attention with her was her 20 year experience and knowledge of the Las Vegas area and the fact that she was willing to track down properties video record them and have them posted same day. Being out of town buyers his was critical to our new home purchase. After getting to know Suzie we had the complete confidence in her to purchase our home without physically viewing the property. I have heard that Short Sale homes can be a nightmare in most cases, but this purchase went thorugh a seamless transition and closed under 60 days. It was simple. And thats what you are looking for in this type of process. Fast, simple with assurity.

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Stopping Foreclosure

Stopping foreclosure Homeowners who have failed, for one reason or another, to maintain the payment obligations of their loans, and are found in default on their loans, have a number of options available to them [...]

Effects of Foreclosure on Homeowners & Renters

The Effects on Homeowners & Renters Credit Impact A borrower that becomes delinquent on their mortgage, completes a short sale, gives the property back using a deed-in-lieu, or is foreclosed upon, will have their credit [...]

Foreclosure Investing

Foreclosure Investing Since the first time someone staked a claim on a plot of land, real estate has been an attractive option for investors. Whether used as a hedge against inflation through appreciation or a [...]

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